EURAM E-News, Quarterly, October 2018

Dear colleagues and friends,

A new concern for our management research community is emerging: it may become more difficult to conduct field research in management. Based on an investigation conducted by Julienne Brabet, EURAM Fellow and former Vice President, I wish to alert management scholars, in particular those of us who engage in empirical work within organizations. In the name of ethics, bureaucracy may soon fall upon us, in the form of newly created (Ex ante) Research review boards or Ethics boards. These schemes put in place to secure ethical practices for research projects in medicine and biology are being extrapolated to social sciences and new regulations are being increasingly implemented in several countries.   

Obviously, I need to insist from the outset: I will not argue against ethics in academic research in management (nor in any other discipline). Quite the contrary. Like all EURAM members, I am naturally and strongly in favor of integrity of research, protection of personal data, rigor in collecting and analyzing data, and similar non-negotiable requirements of our profession. As investigators, we obviously need to behave in responsible ways, doing no harm and protecting all those involved in our research projects.


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