GT 01_00 Business For Society General Track
ST 01_01 Accounting and control for sustainability
ST 01_02 Finance Economy and Society For a Sustainable Re-embedding
ST 01_03 Institutional change Power Resistance and Critical Management
ST 01_04 Responsible Global Value Chains
ST 01_04 Responsible Global Value Chains
T 01_06 Economic crisis and austerity the risks on human and social rights at work
T 01_07 Rethinking the form governance and legal constitution of corporations
T 01_08 Organizing collective action meta partial and temporary organizations
T 01_09 Interorganizational restructuring in civil society organizations
T 01_10 Beyond rationalism rationality and rationalization
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GT 02_00 Corporate Governance General Track
ST 02_01 Top Management Teams & Business Elites
GT 03 _00 Entrepreneurship General Track
ST 03_01 Social entrepreneurship and societal change
ST 03_02 Academic Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial University
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