Celebrating 10 years of networking and career building in European Management Research

Dates: 27 February - 1 March 2019
The deadline for paper submission will be in December 2018


What is the EECC?

The EURAM Early Career Colloquium is a knowledge and experience platform for early career academics, i.e., advanced doctoral students, post-doc, junior lecturers or assistant professors.

The colloquium welcomes academics in management from various disciplinary backgrounds (e.g. organisational behaviour, organisational theories, entrepreneurship, innovation, strategic management, international management) and from every country. The colloquium is open to all early career academics in the field, conducting research with different theoretical and methodological traditions.

Scholars attending the EECC can get useful comments on their research, connect to junior and senior colleagues, learn how to take major decisions about their careers and to improve their teaching and research skills. To find out more about the previous editions and read participants’ testimonials go to http://www.euramonline.org/community/eecc.html


Objectives of the EECC?

Its aim is to:

  • create a network of emerging talents in European management research for further collaboration and exchange
  • provide a platform where early career academics can present and discuss their research with peers and senior scholars; 

  • offer mentorship from leading members of EURAM to support career planning and decision making;


 What will happen at the 10th anniversary EECC?

The event will start Wednesday evening (27th of February) with networking activities and the traditional EECC Winter Olympics, which will bring the participants together as a group and inspire them to explore various research topics and application scenarios in management research.

Thursday 28th of February and Friday 1st of March will be devoted to colloquium activities that include:

  • presentations of guest speakers from academia and industry;
  • paper development sessions with presentations and discussions;
  • individual meetings with senior mentors for publishing and acer advice;
  • interactive sessions about career opportunities and experiences in academia;
  • exchange with participants from EECC events for further network building


Where will EECC take place?

For the 10th anniversary, the EURAM Early Career Colloquium will return to Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU), where it all started in 2010. With almost 40.000 students, FAU offers numerous research and career opportunities in academia and a strong network in industry. It has recently been ranked the most innovative German university.

Nuremberg is a major tourist destination in Central Europe. It can be easily reached by railroad and flight connections from many European cities.


Early career researchers in business and management studies are warmly invited to submit their papers for consideration at EECC.

The deadline for paper submission will be in December 2018. Further details will be announced later this year.



9th Edition of EECC - 2018

                                                                                                            Video produced by Eleonora Piacenza






EECC organisers

Rome, 2018

Alessandro Zattoni

Rabat, 2017

Nacef Mouri, Steffen Roth

Halle/Saale, 2016

Anne-Katrin Neyer, Julia Müller

Krakow, 2015

Beata Jalocha

Almeria, 2014

Miguel Perez

Liechtenstein, 2013

Susanne Durst, Stefan Güldenberg

Dublin, 2012

Brian Harney

Innsbruck, 2011

Julia Müller, Dagmar Abfalter, Melanie Zaglia

Nuremberg, 2010

Anne-Katrin Neyer, Hagen Habicht, Kathrin Möslein